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Midnight Merrymakers Play Rodgers and Hart

February 15, 2010

The Midnight Merrymakers
The Girl Friend
(“Mountain Greenery” and “Blue Room”)

Recorded about 1927

Broadcast Records were an unusual British experiment in cheap recordings. By spacing the grooves closer together than normal, and by making the label really tiny, it was possible to fit as much music on an eight-inch record as on a normal ten-inch record.

Here is what the record business used to call a “medley fox-trot”: you get two songs for the price of one. In this case, we hear two songs from The Girl Friend, the hit Rodgers and Hart show that had made it to London by this time. We begin with “Mountain Greenery,” a charming melody largely forgotten today, and then continue with “Blue Room,” one of Rodgers and Hart’s most famous songs.

“The Midnight Merrymakers” are Harry Bidgood’s band, a competent British dance band of which we may be hearing more in the future.

These old records caused a bit of a stir at airport security on the way out of Manchester slightly more than twenty years ago. Shellac is apparently impervious to X-rays. The security inspectors had quite a good-natured laugh after they pulled the suspicious object out into the light for a visual inspection and discovered that the carry-on bag was filled with Jack Hylton, Harry Roy, and other treasures.


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