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Eddie Davis Orchestra: Lonesome Mama Blues

February 20, 2010

Eddie Davis Orchestra
Lonesome Mama Blues

Recorded in 1922

Grey Gull records were made in Boston in the 1920s. Eddie Davis was an early jazz tenor-sax player (not the more recent and more famous “Lockjaw” Davis) who recorded a few sides for Grey Gull. There you have as much as I know about this record, although if you want technical and historical details about the Grey Gull company, the Wikipedia article is extraordinarily comprehensive.

This performance is typical of the blues boom of the early 1920s. The song itself is what you might call a blues song; it’s a standard 32-bar popular song, but the sort of melody a blues singer could really make something of. After getting the verse and first chorus out of the way, the band switches to twelve-bar blues for a string of solos, returning to the melody for the last chorus. It’s a very good performance by a band you’re not likely to hear on jazz anthologies, one that has left no trace even in the omniscient Wikipedia.


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  1. Javier Soria permalink

    Eddie Davis (not Lockjaw Davis) is a violinist and bandleader and his band was managed by another bandleader when this record was made, Paul Whiteman.

  2. Ralph Wondraschek permalink

    On this recording, among others, Jules Levy Jr – trumpet and Loren McMurray – alto sax can be heard

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