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Ray Noble: Turkish Delight

February 21, 2010

Ray Noble and His Orchestra
Turkish Delight

Side 1
Side 2

Recorded in 1933

The was a bloke named Omar, and he wore a ruby ‘at.
He lived on loaves of bread and thou, but who cares about that?
I can’t tell you when he was born; the only date that sticks
Is Will-I-Am the Conqueror, and that’s 1066.

All right, now you know what kind of silly music-hall humor you’re in for. This number took up two sides of a ten-inch record, and since the break between sides is one of the jokes, it’s presented here in two separate parts.

Now, after you’ve enjoyed the silliness (and it really is a high level of silliness), go back and listen to the music. Ray Noble was the best arranger in England, and the instrumental interludes here are far more interesting than they have any right to be on a record like this. When he came to America two years later, Noble had an American band put together for him by ace studio musician Glenn Miller, who also played in the band for a while. Miller claimed to have learned a lot about arranging from Noble.

Ray Noble is credited as one of the songwriters here. He’s otherwise known for “The Very Thought of You” and a number of other hits that became permanent standards. He was also a movie comedian of some talent: you can see him holding his own against Gracie Allen in Damsel in Distress.


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