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Ben Pollack: Buy, Buy for Baby

March 3, 2010

Ben Pollack and His Park Central Orchestra
Buy, Buy for Baby

Recorded in 1928

Ben Pollack week continues with a record that shows off Pollack’s three most important soloists in the late 1920s—plus one absolutely unknown singer who does not deserve her oblivion.

Belle Mann is an almost completely obscure singer of the Helen Kane flapper school. No one seems to know anything about her. I found one extensive article about her here, which goes into some depth about how nobody knows anything about her except that she recorded for Victor.

Well, here she is singing with Ben Pollack’s orchestra in a completely materialist song that perfectly suits the culture of the Roaring Twenties. She’s very good at what she does, wbich is comic flapper caricatures in song.

Having acknowledged the important contribution of Miss Mann, let us now turn to the musicians. We hear four bars from Benny Goodman in the verse; then Belle Mann’s vocal chorus; then half a chorus by Jack Teagarden on trombone, a quarter chorus by Jimmy McPartland on cornet, and three-quarters of a chorus by Benny Goodman on clarinet. That should be enough to assure this recording a place as a warranted jazz classic.


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