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Boris Gmyrya Sings Dargomyzhsky

March 9, 2010

Alexander Dargomyzhsky in 1869, by Konstantin Makovsky.

Boris Gmyrya
Dargomyzhsky: To Friends

From a Soviet 10-inch LP called Поэзия А. С. Пушкина, or Verses by A. S. Pushkin, the Ukrainian bass-baritone Boris Gmyrya sings Dargomyzhsky’s setting of “To Friends,” accompanied by an anonymous pianist.

Alexander Dargomyzhsky was a nineteenth-century Russian composer much admired by Rimsky-Korsakov and his cronies. He was best known for a few operas that never quite made it into the standard repertory.

I know nothing about Boris Gmyrya, but this site knows quite a lot, so I refer you there. I don’t know the date of the recording; Gmyrya died in 1969, and I’m going to guess about 1960. I have no idea even how this record came into my possession, though I’m glad I have it. Gmyrya has a wonderful voice, and the anonymous hero of Soviet labor at the piano is a first-rate accompanist.

We’ll hear more selections from this album in the future as I transcribe them.


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