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Jack Hylton: Love Makes the World Go Round

March 26, 2010

Jack Hylton and His Orchestra
Love Makes the World Go Round

Recorded in 1938

The London musical Me and My Girl was an enormous hit, running for 1,646 performances beginning at the end of 1937. It was an even bigger hit when it was revived (with some revisions by Stephen Fry) in 1985, and it has been revived successfully on and off since then. It introduced “The Lambeth Walk” to the world, which became such a dance craze throughout Europe that the Nazis singled it out for special condemnation as corrupt and somehow Jewish.

Most of the other songs are actually rather forgettable outside the context of the show, which is a lot of fun. This one gets a good treatment from Jack Hylton’s orchestra, still enormous in spite of years of depression. It’s so big, in fact, that the band doesn’t fit in a regular studio. The ideal for most recording engineers in the 1930s was to make the sound as dead as possible, so it would take on the acoustics of the room in which the record was played. This recording, however, must have been made in a theater or dance hall, or some similar large space with very live acoustics.

The vocalist is Sid Buckman, who sings competently but forgettably, making him a perfect match for the song. It’s actually a good bit funnier in the show, because, although the lyrics quite plainly state that love makes the world go round, it’s clear that the actual rotational force is excessive consumption of alcohol. To get the proper effect, spin like a top until you fall down completely disoriented, then sing this song. It will reduce you to helpless giggles.


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