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Bidgood’s Broadcasters: I Think of What You Used to Think of Me

March 30, 2010

Bidgood’s Broadcasters
I Think of What You Used to Think of Me

Recorded in 1929

Another side from Harry Bidgood, this time recording under his own name. Most of the Bidgood recordings I’ve heard are competent but nothing special, but this one was recorded in a theater with a pipe organ, giving us a rare opportunity to hear what must have been a fairly common blending of organ and dance band in movie palaces of the 1920s.

The sound is good, except that the worst case of “his master’s dogwhistle” I’ve ever heard begins just before the vocal chorus. This high-pitched squeal apparently has something to do with the wax master cooling too fast. It’s so high-pitched that many people don’t hear it at all; count yourself blessed if you’re one of those people.


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