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Green Brothers Xylophone Orchestra: My Cairo Love

April 13, 2010

Green Brothers Xylophone Orchestra
My Cairo Love

Recorded in 1919

Oriental Week continues with a traditional Egyptian xylophone novelty number. Well, actually, I don’t think there’s much that’s traditionally Egyptian about it. This is just another popular pseudo-oriental number, and instead of pointing out the stock tricks that make it “oriental,” I’m going to let you pick them out for yourselves this time.

George Hamilton Green and Joe Green were members of a musical family whose tradition continues even today, as I just found out by looking them up. They seemed to be in every recording studio in the teens and early 1920s, until the big xylophone boom went bust. George was billed as the word’s greatest xylophonist, and there’s a good chance that any living xylophonist you happen to meet has studied from his method book. He remained in the music business until the late 1930s, after which he took up a second career as a cartoonist.

This record is a bit beat up and gets quite scratchy toward the end, but it’s a good example of a xylophone novelty played by the man who taught nearly every succeeding xylophonist, directly or indirectly.


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