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Double Feature: All By Yourself in the Moonlight

June 26, 2010

Bidgood’s Broadcasters
All By Yourself in the Moonlight

New Mayfair Dance Orchestra
All By Yourself in the Moonlight

Recorded in 1929

Here are two versions of the same novelty number by two British bands recording at about the same time. But what different recordings they are!

First we hear Harry Bidgood, whose reliable recording band appears on so many Broadcast records under various names (we’ve already heard “I Think of What You Used to Think of Me” and a medley from The Girl Friend). His is a good performance, probably from a stock arrangement, that includes the lyrics of verse and chorus, brings out the humor, and gets the job done efficiently.

Then we turn to Ray Noble, whose New Mayfair Dance Orchestra operates on a different plane entirely. Noble was probably the best arranger in England, and he had extraordinarily good taste in musicians. This performance is typical of the band, with a sophisticated bounce in the rhythm, good solos, rich harmonies, the baritone sax weaving through the last chorus, and a general sense that the musicians are enjoying themselves rather than reading a score. You don’t know what you were missing with Harry Bidgood until you hear Ray Noble play the same number.


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