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Charles Dornberger: Nobody’s Sweetheart

August 21, 2010

Charles Dornberger and His Orchestra
Nobody’s Sweetheart

Recorded in 1924

Charles Dornberger had an amazingly prolific recording career at Victor in the 1920s, but I have never once run across an A side by his band. His recordings were always released as fillers, the flip side to some expected hit by some more celebrated band, like Paul Whiteman’s or Jean Goldkette’s.

Nevertheless, Dornberger’s was a good dance band in its own right. Here we have one of the earliest recordings of what would soon become an unstoppable jazz juggernaut of a tune, “Nobody’s Sweetheart” by the great pianist and composer Elmer Schoebel, given a good and jazzy performance by Dornberger’s enthusiastic band of nobodies.


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One Comment
  1. Javier Soria permalink

    Dornberger’s group was a Paul Whiteman managed dance band when this theme was recorded in 1923.

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